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Guarantee | How effective is AliGeeks?

"Rankings are an essential part in generatings sales for your products. 

The effectiveness of our service depends on your keywords. If you target very generic keywords with high competition, it will be difficult to rank high. Example: `clothes` or `shoes`. 

For specific keywords, our service is very effective. Example: `artificial roses`, `lace wrist support` or `bike phone holder shock absorber`.

So use at least 3 words inside your keyword for the highest effect. Page 1 rankings, top 15 is possible in that case."

Guarantee | What does your top 15 guarantee mean?

"We offer a page 1, top 15 ranking guarantee. So we will work actively on improving your products ranking and make it rank top 15 or better (we always strive to position 1).

If we for some reason cannot manage to reach position 15 or better, you can ask us for a full refund of your money, no questions asked. 

This way, we want to create a win-win situation. If you win, we win."

Ordering | How do I determine the level of competition?

"Visit and insert your keyword. Hit search.

- Scroll down until you see Total ... pages section. 

- Total no. of pages * 60 = no. of search results."

Ordering | Which keywords to use?

"Insert the keywords you want to rank for on the order form.

Select keywords which:

A) Are your money keywords. If you rank #1 on such a keyword, will you generate huge sales?

B) Ensure you are found on the selected keywords. See the 'Requirements for boosting?' question.

If you are not ranking for a keyword, we cannot improve your rankings either."

How to | How do I use Aligeeks?

"Simply order a package on our order page. or pricing section . 

Follow the steps and pay. Then you will recieve a confirmation e-mail.

In most cases, you will receive a handmade report with points to improve on your listing.

After you have improved your liasting, we will start our ranking service, which will run for at least 30 days!"

Features | Will I receive an e-mail when rankings change?

No, but we will send you an e-mail 1x per week with the latest rankings. So each week you will receive an update on progress.

Ordering | What are the risks involved?

"Our service improves your product ranking by sending pageviews, visitors, and sometimes backlinks and social media signals to your page.

Up until now we have never faced any issues with Aliexpress, though they formally do not allow anybody to actively improve their search ranking.

We do everything in targeted and small quantities, further reducing any potential risks."

Ordering | Are there requirements for boosting?

Your product must rank on position 300 or better on the keyword you wish to rank top 15 for.

Ordering | Can I pause my campaign?

"We do not yet offer the option to pause a campaign, as this would conflict with monthly payments. We are considering this option as future update.

So we recommend you to ensure your product has enough inventory to handle any increase in sales."

Ordering | How often can I update campaign details?

You can change your campaign details at the end of your campaign. So each new month, you can boost a different product and / or keyword(s)

FAQ | How long does it take to rank first page?

It depends on your current ranking position and the level of competition. But usually it takes around 2 to 3 weeks before your product will rank page 1 or even top 15 or better.

Payment | Which payment methods do you offer?

- You can pay by bank wire, crypto currencies and AliPay.

FAQ | Is it safe?

Yes, our service is safe. We constantly monitor results of our campaigns, and adjust our methods accordingly.

We have never seen any negative issues with Aliexpress. We do everything in moderation and employ high quality procedures. 

We don't expect any issues in the future either, because if our service would penalize products, then it could be simply used against competitors, and have their product banned!

FAQ | How long does it take to rank page 1?

It depends on your current ranking position and the level of competition. But usually it takes around 2 to 3 weeks before your product will rank page 1 or even top 15 or better.

Benefits of AliGeeks

Rank on any low to medium competition keyword within 10 days. 100% Money Back Guarantee if not ranking top 20!

AliGeeks has helped us by increasing sales up to 350% with their ranking service. We have been customers for 8 months now.


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Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee a top 10 ranking. If your product does not rank between position #1 and #15, we will refund you 100% of your money.

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